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Tommie -the Band

My band Tommie was a concept born in 1983 as a vehicle for my original songs, to be played by women rock musicians.  By early 1984 the band was formed.  They recorded and played live over the next few years until our breakup in early 1986.  There were several personnel changes over that time, the final version being the picture on the right.



Nancy Wenstrom/lead guitar and lead vocals (middle) and from bottom clockwise Janet Jake Lampert/drums, Julie Vaughn/rhtm guitar,bkg vocals, Wendy DeWitt/keyboards,bkg vocals, Jan Martinelli/bass.

Our album of 16 original songs was recorded in 3 days at Marin Studios in February 1985 with Dr. Richie Moore/engineer (Beatles, etc.). It was shopped but never signed to a record deal thus left unreleased for all these years.  I am proud to announce that though my indie label, WCM Records, I will be releasing it in the near future digitally remastered. Here are some live videos of songs to come...stay tuned!

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